How long does it take to complete a genealogical project?

The time it takes to complete a project varies. It depends on the number of individuals in the decedent’s family we have to research and/or locate. Smaller cases of 10 heirs or less can take about 2-3 months, cases which involve maternal and paternal moieties will take longer.

Do you negotiate a contract with the heir for a percentage of their inheritance?

Champion & Champion is hired by the fiduciary of an estate and does not go into contract with the heirs of the estate.

Do you provide updates of the research you are doing?

Champion & Champion will provide the client with monthly status updates during the time research is being conducted.

Can you do a "rush" job?

Yes, please discuss details prior to us accepting the case.

Do you contact all the heirs?

Most of the time we communicate with the heir by telephone, e-mail, or correspondence. We feel this is best so that we can (1) confirm the heir’s address, (2) confirm their relationship to the decedent, (3) confirm other family information, and (4) answer questions they may have concerning us, the decedent, or the case. Upon client request, Champion & Champion, can identify and locate the heir(s) without actually contacting them.

In what format do you provide your final summary concerning the heirs?

Champion & Champion prepares a professional genealogical report in hard copy form which includes (1) family information, (2) list of heirs with addresses, (3) genealogical charts, and (4) proof documentation. These genealogical reports have been used by attorneys, public fiduciaries, and estate administrators in probate proceedings all over the United States.

How much do you charge?

Generally, we charge an hourly fee plus expenses directly incurred on the case. In some small cases, we are able to charge a flat fee.

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