For The Heir

If you have been contacted by Champion & Champion, you may be wondering (1) if this is a scam, (2) can this really be legit, or (3) how am I connected to the person that died (decedent)? Let me try to briefly answer those questions:

  • No, it is not a scam. We never perform research on a case unless we have been authorized by the fiduciary to do so. The fiduciary may be an attorney, estate administrator, public administrator, or other individual empowered by the court to hire our firm to perform genealogical investigative research.
  • Yes, it’s legitimate. Sometimes, people die with no will and no close relatives. Our firm is hired to identify and locate who the heirs-at-law would be in a particular case. Patricia A. Champion, is a licensed private investigator, with twenty years of experience. Not once in the twenty years she has been doing forensic genealogy has there ever been fraud or willful mis-representation involved.
  • Call our office and speak with Mrs. Champion, she’ll be glad to describe exactly how you are connected to the decedent. You may be a maternal first cousin once removed or a second cousin on the father’s side (paternal), she will be able to look at the genealogical chart and explain how you are related.

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